Thursday, August 18, 2011

wedding jokes

Although a wedding is such a solemn event, you can put some spice and add some fun to it with wedding jokes. If you are the best man or the bridesmaid, delivering fun wedding anecdotes can really be fun. There are a number of creative ways on how you can add wedding humor to this special event. Just make sure that your jokes are clean and PG-rated. Remember that there are kids in the wedding as well as some conservative people. Keep your humor about events and experiences and do not direct your humor to one's disability or characteristics.

If you run out of humorous ideas, you can rely on the Internet to give you some ideas on marriage jokes and funny wedding one-liner jokes. There are a number of websites that offers resources for funny wedding speech. Most of them are offered at no cost. Pick funny wedding stories that would relate with the couple. Wedding jokes are basically witty and funny lines about married life and relationships. You can also use funny wedding anecdotes during your speech. The funnier your wedding speech is, the more it would be remembered.